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     Declaration of Conservative Principles, NFRA 1998

1. Character counts. Therefore we expect the ARRA and party officials to be the same in private as they are in public. The integrity of government as with any organization depends on the integrity of its members.

2. Persuasion requires respectful and intelligent dialogue. Therefore, we gladly accept opportunities to discuss issues and policies.

3. Respect for others. Therefore we encourage citizens, candidates, and officials to engage in honest and respectful discourse, conduct all business with integrity, and to honor the trust placed in them by others.

4. Honest representative government requires that honest people get involved. Therefore we encourage honest citizens to register to vote and to participate in the Republican party.

5. Representative government requires an informed electorate. Therefore we engage in educating ourselves and others about American government, government offices, and candidates.

6.The example of our founders is worthy of being followed. Therefore, we educate ourselves and others by learning from their writings.

7. The American government is a republic ruled by law. Therefore, we live by law and inform others of the value in doing so.

8. Government officials are servants of their constituents. Therefore, they should heed the lawful wishes of their constituents rather than betray those who voted for them. Activities and decisions should be open to the public for observation and inquiry.

9. Government officials are vulnerable to the enticements such as power and money.> Therefore, they should be held accountable for campaign vows made to constituents and be willing to give an explanation to their constituents if they change in position.

10. Good people disagree about policies. Therefore, we respect the decisions officials make though we may disagree. However, open and honest debate must be equally respected.

11. America was founded on Biblical principles. Therefore, we are unapologetic about the role of Judeo-Christian principles in the founding of America and resist attempts to secularize America by activities such as rewriting American history in school textbooks, removing the ten commandments and other references to the Bible from public property, and prohibiting public prayers.

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