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Join or Help Start a Conservative Republican ARRA County Chapter

ARRA offers two levels of membership, but anyone can join for free.
All Members receive the following benefits:
  • Membership in the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA)*
  • Membership in your state's Republican Assembly*
  • The right to participate in state and national RA meetings, rallies, Tea Parties and other events
  • The right to participate in state and national Endorsing Conventions (for public office as well as Republican Party elections)
  • Involvement in the organization's online initiatives and campaigns
  • First-class political training seminars: learn what you need to know to win!
  • All the other things you'd expect to come with membership, except:
    Voting Members have to pay dues, but they also get to vote and hold office. And we think that matters a lot, especially at Endorsing Conventions. Your vote counts, but you have to have a vote to get it counted.
So take your pick: If you haven't already, join today -- it's free -- and try us out; OR, if you want to go ahead and take the plunge, become a full Voting Member right now. Either way, you're making a difference, and bringing us all closer to what Ronald Reagan once called "Morning in America".

Locally in Arkansas, Click on the district you reside in to find your district chairman.
[or go directly to the the ContactPage]

Republican dues and requirements vary from county to county. Your dues will will include $1 for national dues and $9 for state dues. Additional requirements (if any) must be met and membership accepted by the state organization prior to full membership recognition and voting rights.

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