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Republican Assembly
Who we are and how we fit in?

The Republican Assembly is an umbrella organization for all conservatives
A. We are a unifying force…we win by addition, not subtraction
B. We work with those we don’t agree with 100% (Reagan’s principle…if you agree on 85% of the issues, then you can work with them)
C. Focus is on the unifying essentials not divisive minutiae

We are filling a vacuum within the Republican Party
A. Many liberal Republican groups already exist (i.e. Log Cabin, Mainstream, Pachyderms)
B. A few conservative Republican issue groups currently exist (i.e. Republican National Coalition for Life)
C. NFRA and ARRA are organized to unite conservatives to counteract the left within the party
D. The door is wide open…Let’s ROLL!

We are not any other party
A. We are Republicans and support Republicans only, though we are not the Republican party.
B. We demonstrate loyalty to the GOP which is critical to our success
C. We will not jump ship when we suffer setbacks
D. Changing a tire is easier than re-inventing the wheel

We are not an issue group
A. Let the experts handle the issues
B. Network with issue groups and work together for the cause
C. Develop political muscle and aid the issue groups

We are not a front for any candidate or official
A. The wisdom is in the NFRA’s bylaws!
B. We want to build relationships with candidates & elected officials
C. We will not be used by the candidates or officials
D. We don’t put all of our eggs in one basket

We are a politically focused group
A. We are based in issues but focused on politics
B. We limit our involvement in issue related activities
C. We must understand the difference between
“issue based/issue focused” and “issue based/politically focused”

We do things the party cannot or will not
A. We endorse the best conservatives in the primaries
B. We endorse Republicans in non-partisan races
C. We endorse the conservative position on issue elections
D. We endorse the best conservatives in party races
E. We hold the party to the principles that made it great

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